Dr. Chrysa Oikonomou


Working Hours

Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday Closed
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Dr C.Oikonomou is a dual-based oral and maxillofacial surgeon, splitting her time between Athens and London. Her specialized focus lies in the intricate realm of craniofacial trauma and facial deformities, including complex orthognathic surgery. 

During her training, she delved into the realm of skin cancer surgery skillfully excising head and neck lesions and employing advanced techniques such as skin flaps, grafts, and synthetic substitutes, particularly in challenging areas like the nose, ears, and periocular region.

Moreover, her commitment extends to the realm of oral surgery and temporomandibular joint disorders, where she passionately mentors junior trainees in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. As an honorary lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, she finds profound fulfilment in shaping the future cadre of professionals, sharing her wealth of experience and expertise.

“Under the brand name ‘Fine Lines”, I epitomize a lifelong aspiration: to transform lines—be they scars, signs of ageing, or deep wrinkles—into delicate, balanced marks through my work. It’s not just about surgery; it’s about sculpting beauty and restoring confidence, one fine line at a time.