Teeth Discolouration & Whitening

Teeth Discoloration & Whitening

The color of the teeth resembles a key element of an aesthetic pleasing smile. The outer layer of a healthy tooth is covered by enamel which appears mostly white or transparent. In the inner layers we find dentin which appears yellow. With aging, teeth tend to be discolored with accumulation of various stains in addition to the enamel gradually eroding to expose the yellow dentin. 

Discoloration of the teeth happens for various reasons and habits of our everyday life. Smoking is one of the most crucial factors contributing to dental discoloration, with toxins of tobacco accumulating in the porous structure of the enamel. Common ingredients such as substances from tea and coffee, as well as antibiotics like tetracycline or food dyes can percolate into the teeth and gradually cause discoloration in a similar way. 

Teeth whitening has become one of the most frequently requested dental procedures and nowadays, many options to accomplish it are available. The first method is in-office based and is carried out under professional supervision with laser or special lamps, leading to quick and obvious results. The second method involves home-based products such as gels with bleaching agents. Patients should follow their dentist’s instructions and apply gel every night, avoiding the gums. In some cases, teeth whitening can be accomplished with a combination of both methods. 

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