Porcelain Veneers

                                                   PORCELAIN VENEERS.




  Porcelain veneers are extremely thin peels of durable ceramic material (porcelain) which are manufactured in the dental laboratory under the guidance of the design and are placed on the front part of the teeth. In this way we can improve their color, shape and size. 
When they are used: on broken or worn teeth, on crowned-straight teeth, on teeth that have been damaged or worn out, on teeth with gaps, on teeth with mild discoloration. The porcelain veneers procedure usually requires three visits to the dentist. The first step involves your active participation, explaining to the dentist how to make the restorations, what you want to change in your smile, what effect you would like to have, what is the right treatment for you. If there are alternatives, the design of the smile can be based on the information you provide us. The second step is the preparation for the placement of the veneers. This involves taking an impression, grinding it, and then sending it to the dental technician to fabricate the veneers at the same appointment. Temporaries are fabricated and placed immediately so that you have an aesthetically acceptable smile and appropriate function / chewing. In the third step the temporary veneers are removed and the permanent veneers are placed on the tooth. Temporaries are removed and the permanent restorations are tested, if the result is successful, the veneers are permanently bonded. 
The lifetime of the veneers requires the appropriate maintenance on the part of the patient which includes regular monitoring by the dentist, because the veneers behave like n





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