Digital Workflow



New technologies have also been introduced in the application of dental technology, offering high precision, reproducibility, while facilitating the workflow in the dental laboratory. Among our priorities is their integration within the clinical practice. From the treatment plan to the restoration after informing the patient about the desired result. For this purpose, we carry out the download of digital photographs and videos for a complete recording of the face, in order to have the expected result. In our clinic, we use an intraoral digital scanner, which offers many important advantages such as reducing the time required for the construction of fixed prosthetic works. Informing the patient from the beginning about the imprinting on a large 3D screen of the state of his mouth, magnifies and focuses the digital cast and is given the suggested treatment plan. This results in eliminating his discomfort caused from the traditional tray impression process, as well as factors and possible errors during the construction of the prosthetic work, achieving improved patient benefits. In the field of dental technology and dentistry, the term scanner denotes the data collection tools that measure three-dimensional jaw and tooth structures and converts these into a digital data set. Scanners are considered to be one of the most important elements of digital dentistry.   



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