Wisdom Teeth – Pain Management

Wisdom Teeth – What They Are – Pain Management. 

They are the teeth that are at the back of our jaws. They usually appear at the end of puberty and often cause problems because there is not enough space for them to come out properly. Due to the lack of space, the teeth can only come out in part or remain in the mouth (trapped). 

The cavities can cause pain, damage to the adjacent teeth or scars. 

Symptoms that make their treatment and possible removal indispensable are:  

  1. Persistent pain and inflammation at the site of the teeth or adjacent teeth. This pain can only last several days and then disappear for weeks or months but usually the pain increases more when you leave the teeth untreated. A semi-closed wisdom tooth can collect food and dental plaque which results in swelling of the scars causing an infection called periostitis. It is an infection where bacteria from food and dental plaque become trapped between the space of the affected tooth and the scar. 
  2. Swollen gums and hardness in the jaw as the wisdom teeth try to appear in the mouth cause a discomfort in the jaw, making it feel stiff, painful and difficult to open. 
  3. Sinus problems, occur in the region of the upper jaw, where the growth of the teeth and the growth of the roots can push the sinuses located just above and behind. Due to this pressure you may experience intense headaches. 
  4. There is bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. 

If you experience any of the above signs and symptoms, it is advisable to visit your dentist for a clinical and x-ray evaluation. They may not need to be removed, but if they do, the removal procedure with our professional care will be painless. 


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