How the Endodontic Treatment is Done


The term “root canal therapy” is a term that has become prevalent among patients for the treatment process of endodontic treatment. This procedure involves the removal of the dental pulp (nerve), microbes and the products of inflammatory processes reaction of the pulp from the root canal, by means of manual or motorised tools. With the mechanical and chemical treatment and special antiseptic agents is carried out the elimination of all microbes from the root canal and  then clogged with special material called gutta-percha. 

In our clinic, we work with qualified dentists in endodontics, who ensure the safe and 
effective treatment, understanding the peculiarities and needs of each case, using diagnostic tools such as digital radiographs and 3D imaging, avoiding unnecessary procedures and providing the patient with only the necessary treatment, ensuring the best possible results. Next, we inform the patient about the aesthetic and functional restoration of the treated teeth which guarantees  the ideal result. 

We try to separate ourselves as a medical procedure that gives exhaustive dentistry of the extremely most elevated quality that improves our patients’ lives. This is the reason we hope to grow our family with new colleagues who share our qualities and can enable us to make each patient grin!