Missing Most Or All Your Teeth ?

                          Missing Most Or All Your Teeth ?

– How many teeth are missing?
– What is the condition of the remaining teeth?
What are the patient’s treatment expectations?
– What are the economic facts?

Implants can function in a similar way to teeth. That is, two implants can support a bridge of 4 teeth. In cases where all the teeth are missing either on the bottom or top, they can be replaced either with a fixed implant restoration or an implant-retained restoration total ( dentures in implants ), with the latter being more economical than the former than fixed in implants since fewer implants are required and better than the classic total, since it is more stable.


                Traditional dentures :

  •  Made of acrylic.
  •  Needs multiple replacements.
  •  Requires adhesive for stability.
  •  Will loosen and slip.
  •  Does not address bone loss.
  •  More economical solution

                Full arch removable teeth:

  •  Made of acrylic or porcelain
  •  Can be worn and broken overtime.
  •  Can break or wear over time.
  •  May not look or feel natural.
  •  Create stability of eating.
  •  Removable for easy cleaning.
  •  Supports healthy jawbone.

                 Full arch  fixed teeth:

  • Milled from solid block of zirkonia.
  • No wear, cracks or fractures.
  • No porous to resist bacteria.
  • Permanently fixed in 4-6 implants.
  • Mimics look and feel natural teeth.
  •  Restoration of function at a rate of over 98%.
  •  Cared for like natural teeth.
  •  Promotes healthy jawbone.
  •  Improves oral and overall health.

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